Bringing fusion technologies to the market

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is promoting the transfer of fusion technologies to Europe’s industry. Our experts are there to identify their business potential and to facilitate their commercial use. Our services are offered to all companies looking for new market opportunities. We are here to help entrepreneurs, scientists and businesses willing to integrate fusion technologies in the development of their products.

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Our main goal is to drive forward your business or research project by assisting you in finding the right technology using our portfolio. We believe that your project is unique. Therefore, we will provide you with multiple options to ensure a solution tailored to your needs.

What you get

Discover a leading range of technologies to meet your R&D and business needs with the help of our experts

Take the lead on your market by partnering with the most promising fusion technology providers in Europe

Step into the fusion innovation ecosystem and become part of our technology transfer success stories

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Being an F4E industrial partner, we can support you in promoting the business potential of your technologies and identifying collaboration opportunities in new markets.

What you get

Access a wide network of major industries in Europe and embrace their R&D needs

Expand your business by exploring new applications and markets for your technology

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